segunda-feira, 28 de maio de 2012

Sim, também queremos jogar! Mas... quem nos treina a devolução?*

Jacques Tati, "Les vacances de Mr. Hulot" (1953)

During Sunday brunch my mother would tell my grandmother the film she and I had seen that week. I thought she told it sublimely. The pleasure of listening to her was as great as seeing the film for a second time. (...) 
Cinema isn't a technique of displaying images, it's an art of showing, and showing is a gesture, a gesture that demands looking and watching. Without this gesture there is just imagery. But if something is shown, someone must acknowledge its receipt. (...) It's very tennis-like, this idea that it would be scandalous not to return a serve. I was never a great server, but I believe that, like Jimmy Connors, I was good at returning.

Serge Daney, Postcards from the Cinema (Persévérance, 1994), Berg, 2007, pp. 65-66

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